How to monitor what your vCAC IaaS Server is doing in real-time

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vCAC is known to be a very complex product with a lot of moving parts, it is a lot of work to have to move back and forth between monitoring views in the UI. The IaaS server is a windows box that does most of the moving of the heavy parts, this ensures that you cannot just SSH in and tail a log file , you could but it ensures you don’t do the tedious work. you can have all this info on the secondary screen so that you can monitor it in real time and do other stuff but it also helps a lot when you have a bug and you are trying to debug it in real-time and see what happens. You can do this by:

using mTail found on windows administrative workstation. Mapping a drive to the C$ share on my IaaS server. You then open the following log files in mTail and put it on a secondary screen so you can watch and see what’s going on in real-time…

    \IaaSserverc$Program Files (x86)VMwarevCACAgents<NAME OF YOUR  AGENT(S)>                  logsvSphereAgent.log

              \IaaSserverc$c$Program Files (x86)VMwarevCACServerLogsAll.log

you can also open your vCenter log files in the same way if you desire to.

When  trying to catch a specific error in the noise of the logs, check the Filter box and put the search expression in – then it will only show when that message occurs in the logs for example doing tail –f <file> | grep “string” in *NIX).  Use  the following strings to limit to certain message categories.







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