Dedicated Servers Quick Guide

November 19, 2020

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What is a Dedicated Servers?

Why bother using a dedicated server over a VPS or Shared Hosting?
A dedicated server is a server 100% dedicated to your website/project or business needs. Unlike shared servers, all of the resources are not shared and no other websites/persons have access to them. Having a dedicated server will increased speeds in bandwidth and CPU/Memory/DiskIO (DiskIO meaning disk speed) higher reliability and a higher-end security are much better as you are the root owner of a server aka Node if virtualized. Dedicated servers give you have the full control over how the server is set up, you can edit the hardware configuration (before installing and setting up a server) and custom software/script options tailored to your specific needs and plans.
When considering a dedicated server and comparing a VPS server to a dedicated server the difference would be the raw power not being shared when using a dedicated server, also consider a dedicated server is not a container and any breach would be down to your own faults and not the fault of your hosting provider. If you plan to set up virtualization do make sure you always use a dedicated server.

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Server?
A regular server can be hosted from anything that has a connection to the internet, even your own computer! However, if you were to run a server from your own computer, it would inevitably slow down thanks to the processing power going to the server. This would cause it to shut off every time you turned off your computer. If you’re looking to maintain a reliable connection to the server without reduced computer power or the chance of it randomly failing, you’ll want to make it a dedicated server.

A dedicated server is the best performance hosting option with no errors from the host and no downtime because the host messed something up, also consider the fact that in most cases with unmanaged dedicated server hosting that even if your host you pay for server at is down your server will be guaranteed to be online. At 247Rack we provide VMware Certified Enterprise Class Servers and much more please do check our main menu for all of the options we can provide you or your company, and be assured we aim to provide high quality hosting for the long term.

What do Dedicated servers do for me?

24/7 uptime meaning your website/project is always online.
Faster connection speeds using the full port speed that is dedicated to your server.
You will have much less risk of virus attacks and other kinds of attacks aimed at shared users on the same server or container.
Maintenance and health checks on all equipment we provide use of daily to ensure your operations run smoothly all day every day.
Dedicated servers are not specifically designed for one thing or another. A dedicated server can be used to host websites, applications, file hosting, or anything that requires a place for multiple computers to store and read and distribute files and textual information.

What Are the Real Benefits of your own Dedicated Server?
Full control of Security and Full Control of everything with no outside influences and your own dedicated IP address or ip addresses that can be pointed to any desired hostname.
The main item on everyone’s list is dedicated servers will improve security. An important fact to consider is maintaining the privacy of customer’s data and information including your own data having the ability to access your server’s data and customer information anytime anywhere.

Thanks for reading we hope you enjoyed this quick read!

Dedicated Servers
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Dedicated Servers Quick Guide

What is a Dedicated Servers? Why bother using a dedicated server over a VPS or Shared Hosting?A dedicated server is a server 100% dedicated to your website/project or business needs.

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