Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

All equipments of 247rack are of latest technologies and high performance. Servers by top companies like Intel, Dell and HP are used. Storage is run on NetApp Storage systems. Networking is run on Cisco and Enterasys. Softwares from both Microsoft and Linux are used. We won't compromise your IT operations by working with sub-standard equipment. Reasons to trust only 247rack's Infrastructure:

High avaibility network

Diverse and redundant connections. Industry-leading network bandwidth capacity 80+ gigabits/second.


Redundant Enterprise Class Firewall.


Fully redundant network architecture with no single points of failure.

Server Farm

Multiple virtualization-optimized servers with redundant power and hard drive.


Redundant generator, UPS, A+B power to every device in N+1 configuration.

Storage Farm

Netapp High Availability Clustered Storage in Raid DP.


24x7x365 server and service monitoring, including rapid response and customized escalation procedures.

Custom Solution

247rack provides custom VMware solutions according to client specifications and specific needs.

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