Netapp Clustered Storage in Raid DP

Netapp Clustered Storage in Raid DP

All 247rack Cloud Hosting services and Managed VMware Dedicated Hosting are run off of multiple Netapp Clustered Storage system in Raid DP configuration.


Protect against double disk failure with Double Parity RAID 6

15k RPM Fibre channel disks for enterprise applications, without worry

Safeguard data without sacrificing the performance you need

Low overhead Double Parity RAID-DP? offers better data protection and capacity utilization than RAID 5 and RAID 1+0

RAID-DP is a standard Data ONTAP? feature that safeguards your data from double disk failure. Integrated with our WAFL? (Write Anywhere File Layout) file system, RAID-DP gives you data protection plus high performance. RAID-DP is a Double Parity RAID 6 implementation that prevents data loss when two drives fail. We integrated RAID-DP with the WAFL file system to ensure that the dedicated parity drives don’t become a performance bottleneck. You get protection plus the performance you need for your most demanding applications. RAID-DP makes SATA disk an option for your enterprise storage. You can use less-expensive SATA without worrying about data loss, and also lower your storage acquisition costs.
High Availability Clustered System Configuration

Schedule maintenance without impacting data availability

Full redundancy, No single point of faliture

Take control over when to restore a clustered storage system to its normal state

Use no idle resources for cluster operation

Get continuous data availability for your business-critical environments with the NetApp? Clustered Systems. Minimize overhead and reduce operator errors while enhancing the availability of your environment. If a controller fails, the other one takes over the workload. The transfer is seamless to your users and business operations. Customers have continuous data service during scheduled maintenance and upgrades by manually initiating a failover operation. Rest assured knowing our Clustered System is constantly monitoring the health of your clustered storage appliances. If it detects a hardware failure, the system automatically initiates a failover operation to transfer data to the partner storage appliance.

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