Product Rebranding: Iomega – Now Lenovo EMC

July 11, 2013

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Know more about Product Rebranding: Iomega. EMC and Lenovo came up with a joint venture; this venture saw the lomega range of products fall under the new LenovoEMC Company. They have announced a rebranding of the lomega portfolio of products including the popular Network Attached Storage (NAS) IX and PX StorCenter devices. This is a move to align the branding and marketing of the lomega products to the new LenovoEMC venture.

Based on this product realignment the following is a summary of how the main lomega NAS devices are now named. The lomega title has been dropped in preference for Lenovo® EMC® but the model numbers remain the same. The addition of Network storage or network storage array appended to the name to indicate the intended market for the device.

  • omega px2-300d –> Lenovo® EMC® px2-300d Network Storage
  • Iomega px4-300d –>  Lenovo® EMC® px4-300d Network Storage
  • The desktop six-drive Lenovo® EMC® px6-300d Network Storage
  • The Lenovo® EMC® px4-300r Network Storage Array
  • The Lenovo® EMC® px12-400r Network Storage Array
  • And the top-of-the-line Lenovo® EMC® px12-450r Network Storage Array

There have been no major changes, just the dropping of the lomega brand and the additional information on where the market of a particular device model is targeted, from consumer to enterprice.

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