How to Install and setup Postfix on Ubuntu 14.04

Introduction Postfix is an extremely prominent open source Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) that could be utilized to course and convey email on a Linux framework. It is evaluated that around 25% of open mail servers on the web run Postfix. … Read More

How to install and secure phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 14.04

phpMyAdmin was created to enable users interact with MySQL through a web interface. This tutorial will discuss how to install and secure phpMyAdmin so that you can safely use it to manage your databases on Ubuntu 14.04. Basics Ensure you … Read More

How to install Apache Tomcat 7 on Ubuntu 14.04 via Apt-Get

If you are unaware, Apache tomcat is an application server that is used to serve java applications to the web. Tomcat is an open source implementation of the java servlet and javaServer pages technologies, it is released by the Apache … Read More

One click install wordpress on Ubuntu 14.04

Start by creating a droplet and specify your host name then select region you come from. Select “WordPress on Ubuntu 14.04” from Application tab. If you use SSH keys to manage your droplets, which are more secure than passwords and … Read More

How to install and configure Slim Framework on Ubuntu 14.04

This post is to show how to install and configure slim framework on a VPS. We assume that you have a LAMP( or your preferred )stack installed on Ubuntu.if your application won’t be using MySQL, you can skip its installation. … Read More

How to create a SSL Certificate on Apache for Ubuntu 14.04

TLS (Transport Layer Security) and its predecessor SSL (secure sockets layer) are secure protocols created in order to place normal traffic in a protected, encrypted wrapper. These protocols allow traffic to be sent safely between remote parties without the possibility … Read More

How to install and configure OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 14.04 Server

LDAP, or lightweight directory access protocol, is a protocol designed to manage and access associated information in a centralized, hierarchical file and directory structure. It operates like a relational database , but this does not hold true for everything. The … Read More

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