VMware trademark guide

June 13, 2013

Table of Contents

VMware trademark guide a very important resource for bloggers, technical writer .VMware employees and partners who have less interest in blogs .the guide is intended to provide guidance regarding the VMware brand names that tend to draw the greatest interest.

For one to have an official VMware product the following guide line helps ensure there is no confusion. The information is laid out in two columns the Brand name and Approved Acronym. An example of an official name is VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™ has an approved short name of vsphere DRS. This sometimes maybe be used unofficially with unofficial acronyms like vEverything.

VMware brands use only approved short names, it is important not to use abbreviations such as VCOPS, VCHS, VCNS, VSOM, ITBM and SRM to signify VMware products or services. Some abbreviations maybe used personally but should not be used to publicly.

It’s obvious that this can bring a lot of confusion to those who are not well versed with VMware trademarks and do a lot harm to the vCommunity. It’s important for all associated with VMware products to use the requested and registered trademarks so it can maintain some level of consistency in the industry.

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