Creating new vCloud Organization users with PowerCLI

June 11, 2013

Table of Contents

Today am going to show you how to create new cloud user with powerCLI though there is no new-CLuser cmdlet so far. We require a username , password and a role, the tough part is finding a role to assign the use, this can be done by using the Search-cloud:

Search-Cloud -QueryType Role | select Name

a list of roles appear and you have to choose one for example admin.

$role = Search-Cloud -QueryType Role -Name “Organization Administrator” | Get-CIView

The query just asked for the role, then retrieved the role object using the Get-CIView and assigned it to the $role variable.

Next you get the Org object and create a new user object:

$org = Get-Org

$user = New-Object VMware.VimAutomation.Cloud.Views.User

You then assign the org object user to the user object:

$user.Name =”JakeRobinson”

$user.Password = “myPassword”

$user.Role = $role.href

$user.IsEnabled = $true

Lastly you then put the user object to the org:


And you will be done, all you have to know is in the .extensiondata of the objects like $org.

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