Creating new vCloud Organization users with PowerCLI

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Today am going to show you how to create new cloud user with powerCLI though there is no new-CLuser cmdlet so far. We require a username , password and a role, the tough part is finding a role to assign the use, this can be done by using the Search-cloud:

Search-Cloud -QueryType Role | select Name

a list of roles appear and you have to choose one for example admin.

$role = Search-Cloud -QueryType Role -Name “Organization Administrator” | Get-CIView

The query just asked for the role, then retrieved the role object using the Get-CIView and assigned it to the $role variable.

Next you get the Org object and create a new user object:

$org = Get-Org

$user = New-Object VMware.VimAutomation.Cloud.Views.User

You then assign the org object user to the user object:

$user.Name =”JakeRobinson”

$user.Password = “myPassword”

$user.Role = $role.href

$user.IsEnabled = $true

Lastly you then put the user object to the org:


And you will be done, all you have to know is in the .extensiondata of the objects like $org.

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