Data Protection

Continuous Data Protection allows us to backup all your data to a secure off-site location FOUR times per day. This means we will always have an extremely recent copy of your data in the event of a users accidental delete, or total server failure. Our backup technology allows for ultra reliable data backups to be taken extremely quickly, efficiently, and with more frequency when compared to traditional hosting backup systems.

Not only is your data backed up more frequently, it is also stored in a secure off-site location. Our private network transports our backups to a separate location, providing ultimate peace of mind even during “worst case” scenario situations where data recovery is required. An entire server can be reliably recovered from an extremely recent backup in just a couple of hours!


  • Highly reliable data recovery
  • Simplified data protection of applications, systems, and data
  • Advanced capabilities to perform centralized backups without downtime or a performance hit
  • Granular file level backup capabilities for operating System and Applications
  • Application backup of Enterprise Applications for SQL Server, Oracle, Exchange, etc…


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