How to be a PowerCLI Ninja

June 15, 2013

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Many people are becoming curious about the powershell/powerCLI and how to become a Powershell/PowerCLI ninja and I think the following tips will help one go a long way to become one:

  1. Focus on specific task.

When you are curious about something and you want to know how to achieve it, focus on something you like or that caught your attention about. Look for any news on that specific task, the same applies to powershell. When you have a specific thing you want to accomplish this will help you do a lot of research and put all you effort and in the end you become successful at it. Look for forums about it, read peoples blogs, books or online training these will all help you a lot in being good at it.

  1. Make it a priority

To make something a priority is no easy thing because time is something priceless and no one has control of it, so to make use of it you have to make something a priority so that every time you do something you ask yourself if what you are doing is it at the top of your priorities or is something not helping you. These will help you to work well with something ahead of you. When all time is well prioritized and your main target is well aimed you will without a doubt become a PowerCLI ninja.

  1. Don’t be afraid, ask questions

It is clear that if you want to know something you must have the ability to ask where you are stack and need help. But the true secret is how you bring out your question and how it is answered. That’s why people who are set to know something will go to the right place for answers be it a blog, a class or just from a friend with the required knowledge, this is because a qualified person will share with you the right information to help you become PowerCLI Ninja and if you are really interested don’t hold back, don’t let pride hold you back.

  1. Share your knowledge

When you have knowledge sharing it is the best way of increasing it is sharing, it may sound crazy but the best ideas are created on forums, groups of friends and just meetings where people with like interests meet. So if you are good at something or you want to know more about something try sharing with people who have same interest in what you like and you will see how it turns to help you, you might think you know something well but sharing will make you realize someone else knows just a little better and in the end help you a lot.


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