vCheck6 Utility Commands

June 19, 2013

Table of Contents

There is a new release of the vCheck6 and those with need for more info they can visit the vCheck 6 release page and ensure to visit the vCheck plugins page for the available plugins. Below are what I think will be some helpful tips for now:

  1. First you need to know the access the vCheck utility commands to achieve this you must  “dot-source”  the file:

                . .vCheckUtils.ps1 #there is dot space dot

  1. You will have a display of the commands. Their basic functions are:

Get-vCheckCommand     # Get commands found in vCheckUtils.ps1 Get-vCheckPlugin             # Retrieve list of plugins Add-vCheckPlugin             # Add plugin from Remove-vCheckPlugin       # Remove an installed plugin

  1.  Here some common uses of the commands:

To list uninstalled plugins available from repository: Get-VCheckPlugin –notinstalled Get a plugin by its name: Get-VCheckPlugin -name “Plugin Name” To get a plugin by name and install it from the repository: Get-VCheckPlugin -name “Plugin Name | Add-VCheckPlugin Getting a plugin by name and uninstall it: Get-VCheckPlugin -name “Plugin Name | Add-VCheckPlugin Getting all plugins by name that are not installed and installing them though they may be many: Get-VCheckPlugin -notinstalled | Add-VCheckPlugin If not well satisfied and need moiré help: Get-Help Get-VCheckPlugin  

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