VMware vCenter Log Insight- Puppet Enterprise Content Pack Available

September 20, 2013

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vCenter Log Insight

VMware vCenter Log Insight is software that performs log aggregation and analysis across various devices and components in your infrastructure, for example storage. The Puppet Enterprise Content Pack is now available for VMware vCenter Log Insight. Those not familiar with VMware vCenter log insight I recommend you take a look and download the free trial. The importance of this software is known by a person that is or has been an IT administrator or manager, and is familiar with the frustrations in trying to be track down and troubleshoot performance or general errors across multiple systems, hardware or virtual based devices. This whole work can without a doubt be time consuming, the process of you having to find and consolidate all the different log files, which have to be accessed via different means and interfaces. This can be a really hectic job in a medium sized to large infrastructures. Having log files within IT environments automatically consolidated down to a single location, from where you can look for trends , reviews and perform intelligent type searches this only reduces the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot an issue but also means that you can be more proactive in monitoring the overall health of the environment. The format of log files is in different formats. If it were in one standard format it would have been very easy. For the VMware vCenter Log Insight software to make sense of the log files it receives, there has to be a way of providing a means to decode/translate the log files into a standard type format and this is the role played by the Log Insight Content Packs. There are   Content Packs available from a wide range of VMware Partners such as Cisco, EMC, HyTrust, NetApp and VCE, along with Content Packs for VMware products such as Horizon. There are more content packs are being added and this will prove a reason for those still not convinced to check out theVMware vCenter log insight.
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