Mastering VMware vSphere Book Updated for vSphere 5.5

July 10, 2013

Table of Contents

Good news for those interested in vSphere, VMsphere vSphere author, blgogger and all-round aficionado, Scott Lowe is releasing an update to his highly popular” Mastering VMwrae vSphere “book. In this release he is joined by fellow blogger nick Marshall in updating “Mastering VMsphere vSphere” to reflect all the latest vSphere 5.5 changes and updates.

This is a book I highly recommend as an easy to read and highly informative way to learn about vSphere, it is a good book for those who are already vSphere professionals, it will act as a good reference book during those moments when your mind is too tired to try and think of something that has slipped away.

I will be picking my copy when it is release. It comes in two versions either the paperback or kindle version.

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