vCloud Director Snapshots with PowerCLI

June 12, 2013

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Providers and users running vCloud 5.1 have access to take a single snapshot of your be able to have all the fun you want with the snapshots in powerCLI you are going to need what I have in this article today. powerCLI 5.1 currently supports only the vCloud API 1.5 which means there are no no 5.1 capabilities as per now. The module uses the current powerCLI for its session and API access then holds on some 5.1 snapshot thrilling. Though to use the module, you just have to download the.psm1 file and then:

Import-Module vCloudSnapshots.psm1

You will then have access to 4 cmdlets:





If you then want snapshots, you can get them by:

# Get vApps with Snapshots

Get-CIVapp | Get-CISnapshot

# Get VMs with Snapshots

Get-CIVM | Get-CISnapshot

# Get Snapshot info for a particular VM

Get-CIVM “MyVM” | GetCISnapshot

Quick reminder that all the cmdlets apply to a VM or vApp, so ensure at all times that you are doing a Get-CIVM or Get-CIVapp first. To drive the point here is an example of creating, reverting and removing:

# Create a snapshot for a vApp (or all VMs in the vApp, really.)

Get-CIVApp “MyVApp” | New-CISnapshot

# Revert to our snapshot

Get-CIVApp “MyVApp” | Set-CISnapshot -revertToCurrent

# Remove our snapshot

Get-CIVApp “MyVApp” | Remove-CISnapshot


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