VMware Horizon View 5.3 brings Windows 8.1, IOS 7.0, vDGA and VSAN support

January 18, 2014

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In addition to VMware Mirage to manage DR of endpoints likes laptops and current PCs or Horizon Workplace to push applications to any device, when you get the full Horizon Suite you get every function needed for clients’ desktops , thin tablets or smart phones to deliver applications to the people working for a company.

What’s new in VMware Horizon View 5.3?

  • 3D High performance Graphics with vDGA-vDGA uses NVIDIA graphics cards installed in ESXi servers, which allows sharing the GPU between Horizon View desktops. This solution provides 3D graphics for 3D CAD/CAM design, rich media. It’s part vSphere 5.5 announce here; allows using Grid K1 / K2, Quadro 4000 / 5000 / 6000, Tesla M2070Q or  PVSP (Partner verified & supported products).
  • Multimedia redirection for Windows 7 desktops– it works by enabling clients to use Windows Media Player to play H264 encoded video from connections from Windows clients.  The client’s PC must have a GPU capable of decoding H264 encoded video.

To recap, the Real-Time Audio-Video feature optimizes the delivery of webcam and microphone   traffic for Horizon View desktops.  By encoding and compressing audio and video using standardized codecs, the upstream bandwidth is reduced to as low as 300kbps for webcam traffic 

  •   New storage datastore overcommit policy– more on economic, this policy allows storing more linked cloned desktops on selected datastore.  The policy’s name is “unbounded” overcommit.
  • VCAI support for Hitachi NAS-View composer for Array integration enables faster cloning operations and recomposition of desktops.
  • Windows 8.1 support-you are now able to upgrade to windows 8.1 and leave behind the windows 7 and xp.
  • VSAN Tech Preview- VMware Horizon View UI will enable you to use VSAN datastore.
  • Windows 2008 as a desktop-Microsoft licensing policy has made it cheaper to use Server software for end user’s desktops.
  • View agent direct connection plugin-new plugin for Branch offices, allows horizon View client to connect and authenticate directly to a virtual desktop without going to authenticate itself to the connection server first. Comes handy  for service providers wanting to provide DaaS or for Branch offices which can now run VDI deployments there without the connection back to main office’s connection server.
  • HTML Access for Chromebooks and better performance- being there is no need to deploy view client first, the user can work straight away via HTML 5 based browser.
  • New iOS 7 client-Unity touches allows open files and execute Windows applications from iOS 7 native menu.

Completely new Windows based client-version 5.4 of this client can be downloaded  free of charge from this page: https://www.vmware.com/go/viewclients‎ .From the same page you can also download Linux, Mac, iOS, Android or Wind.


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