New Book: VMware Private Cloud Computing with vCloud Director

July 11, 2013

Table of Contents

You can read New Book: VMware Private Cloud Computing with vCloud Director. Those who plan to implement VMware vCloud Director , will want to put their hands on this book by Simon Gallagher “VMware Private Cloud Computing with vCloud Director”. This book can be of help for those are or want to implement VMware vCloud Director.

The author of this book is a guy who can effectively communicate concepts and ideas, be it simple or complex. So those interested in this book are going to get well explained points throughout the book. This book has helped me gain a better understanding and spinning up a new vCloud Director instance in my home lab. Below are the various topics covered.

Private Cloud Foundations

  •  What Makes a Private Cloud?
  •  Developing Your Strategy
  •  Introducing VMware vCloud Director

Designing Your Cloud Service

  • Defining the Service Catalog
  • Platform Design for vCloud Director
  • Building a Cost Model

Building the Cloud

  • Installing VMware vCloud Director
  •  Delivering Services
  •  Consuming Services
  •  Integrating Automation

Operating the Cloud

  • Managing Your Cloud
  • Business Continuity

For more information, the following is a summary on what is covered in the book, and the audience it is targeted at:

It′s All About Delivering Service with vCloud Director Empowered by virtualization, companies are not just moving into the cloud, they′re moving into private clouds for greater security, flexibility, and cost savings. However, this move involves more than just infrastructure. It also represents a different business model and a new way to provide services. In this detailed book, VMware vExpert Simon Gallagher makes sense of private cloud computing for IT administrators. From basic cloud theory and strategies for adoption to practical implementation, he covers all the issues. You′ll learn how to build a private cloud and deliver it as a service using VMware vCloud Director 5.1. Consider what it takes to transition to the cloud, including the business, technical, and operational issues Get familiar with the essential tools—the vCloud Director 5.1 suite Understand the delivery model of infrastructure–as–a–service Define a service catalog, including determining how to track and allocate costs and design for service levels Measure the impact of a private cloud on your legacy applications and infrastructure Implement efficient operations—learn how to apply automation, set up backup and restore, and maintain HA Deliver an end–to–end solution to an end user with a fully managed guest.


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